Pregnancy Pilates Exercises

Pregnancy Pilates Exercises

I so that you eat every three hours, but only enough to give you energy for two hours.

After that, you should feel slightly hungry. When your body has processed all the food that you ate, it has two choices when it gets hungry.

To survive for the additional hour, it can either eat its own muscle, or it can eat its own fat. If you are calm, your body will eat your fat for no more than one hour. If you are anxious, your body will burn its muscle instead. On the other hand, if you do not eat after three hours, your body will stop eating fat, as a protection so you don’t use all your reserves and die. It’s very simple: at that moment, it wants to survive, and so it wants to protect its reserves. Therefore, if you want to eat up your fat, you must eat every three waking hours.”

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“How did you come up with that number? Why not two hours or four?”

“We’ve done experiments with our clients and ourselves, and found that after two hours or after four hours, fat stayed on the body. But after three hours, you can burn off one hundred to two hundred calories. Let’s assume you eat five times a day. That will add up to between five hundred and one thousand calories every day. Since there are 3,500 calories in every pound of body fat, that translates into one-eighth to one-quarter of a pound of fat per day, approximately one to two pounds a week or fifty to one hundred pounds in a year! The exact number of calories you burn each time you eat will vary, but the number should be about the same number of calories as your Ideal Body Weight. For instance, if your Ideal Body Weight is 150 pounds, you should burn 150 calories of fat five times a day.” “Wow! Okay, let me figure this out. Hand me your calculator. Alright, 150 times five is 750 calories per day… or 5,250 calories per week. If I divide 5,250 by 3,500, it comes to 1.5 pounds.

So I would lose one and a half pounds of fat every week. Since you’ve calculated that I need to lose 42 pounds of fat, that should take 28 weeks.”

“Right. Now, the second way you can increase your metabolic rate with food is to control the 2 volume that you eat. If you eat until you are full, your stomach will expand beyond its normal size. That will slow the process of mixing food inside the stomach, thereby slowing digestion. If your digestion slows, your metabolism slows down with it, making you tired and sleepy.

It can be hours before your body breaks down the food and eventually processes it. During that time, your metabolism will be slow, and your body will not burn its own fat. Plus, as soon as the stomach shrinks back to its normal size, it will send a message of hunger to the brain. At that moment, even though you still have food inside your body, you will think you are hungry, and you will begin to eat.”

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