Pregnancy Exercise Third Trimester

Pregnancy Exercise Third Trimester

Thus the First Ray integration formula of ‘inclusion’.

Second Ray souls as a rule tend to under-estimate their capacity. They tend to accumulate connections that are not necessarily in alignment with their soul purpose. Evocative, they attract horizontal relationship easily, but often find themselves impotent to achieve results due to the diffusion of energy. Their attempts to stay connected precipitate a crisis of invocation vertically (“I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me.” (John 12:32))109 The resulting inflow of Will energy begins to re-pattern relationships, ending some and strengthening others according to alignment with Purpose.

The tension between First and Second Ray energies and approaches is the primary source of learning in the science of invocation and evocation. It was also the primary cause of failure in the original group experiment by the Master DK. These are two of the energies of Synthesis, the third being the Seventh Ray. The Seventh Ray can aid in the balancing process of the First and Second Rays by orientating them to the need for externalisation upon the physical plane. This externalisation cannot take place without balance being achieved between the First and Second Rays.

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The process of learning and adjustment eventually leads a soul to the clear definition of its work and field of service. This leads to the stabilisation of the soul’s place in the ashram and the commencement of greater cooperation. The soul’s note is now sounding forth as a subset of the sound of the ashram, and is sounding at a sustainable point of tension. The soul has been ‘put in its place’. The commitment of the disciple has sustained him through the integration process with his group, and now commeasurement of his capacity to achieve the task can be obtained through the larger perspective of the ashram and the Master.

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