Pranayama Yoga Breathing

Balancing, falling and swinging (practice)

A few exercises as a trial by fire for playing with gravity: Walk forwards along a line by placing one step in front of the other. Thereby allow all your muscles to relax – observe the stimulation in your body.


Balance on logs and similar things in the forest, sports hall, on the upturned bench, on the balancing beam. Tense yourself whilst balancing, for example tense a hand to a fist, or become startled through a shout. You will immediately have to fight for your balance.

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Coming into contact with the floor:

Take as firm a stand as possible, stretch your toes and allow them to come into good contact with the floor. Feel all the places where your feet are touching the floor. Trying to feel the floor with the help of the soles of the feet. Thereby bend your knees until you can feel you are in optimum contact with the floor.

Walking with floor contact:

Walk through the room with good contact of your feet with the floor. Perceive yourself whilst doing this step by step.

Feeling the soles of the feet:

Stand in a slight squatting position and displace your weight completely to the left foot. With the right foot perform circling, probing movements over a tennis ball to feel the soles of the feet. Relax again on both feet and compare whether the right foot is in better contact than the left, whether the right side of the body is better ventilated than the left. And now stand on the right leg and probe over the tennis ball with the left foot.

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