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The modernist yoga discourse of intellectuals.

Key Concepts.

Sacred Outsider vs. Insider.

Modernist sensibilities/filter Theology vs. Science Sui generis Oppositional reading.

We have already seen how the yoga renaissance and the Hindu revival in the late 19111 Century colonial India owed a lot to yoga outsiders , the early European Orientalists who excavated, collected and translated India's cultural past. Their efforts had a large impact: discourses and historical records on the brink of extinction were revived, glorified and brought to the attention of the general public in West and East alike.

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So even if the Orientalists did not see themselves as a part of the yoga tradition – i.e. as insiders – they re-vitalised, re-constructed and certainly left strong marks on the Indian colonial yoga discourse. And the colonial yoga discourse significantly influenced our present understanding of yoga. I would dare to claim that without the Orientalists there would have been very little yoga Renaissance! Hence mainly due to the Orientalists it is sensible to talk about a yoga discourse of modernity, a hybrid yoga discourse, where ancient discourses are re-configured and re-imagined through the lenses of modernity.

Ankle and toe flexors that do not cross the knee are Power yoga poses weight loss stretched in the forward leg; ankle flexors that cross the knee are stretched in the back Power yoga poses weight loss leg. Stretching the entire leg in this pose helps coordinate the actions of the hip, knee, and foot while standing and walking. Better movement range in the deep hip muscles enables us to balance better on the feet. Purpose: To align and strengthen the quadriceps, adductors, and abductors and to coordinate ankles, knees, hips, and lumbar spine in common balancing movements. To extend the ankles. Contraindications: Imbalance, acromioclavicular subluxation, rotator cuff tear, severe osteoporosis, profound weakness, anterior cruciate tear, advanced chondromalacia patellae. Prop: A wall. Avoiding pitfalls: Take care to align the knees so the kneecaps track straight forward over the second toes, and to align the lower back without either arching or curving it excessively.

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