Poses For Yoga

Poses For Yoga

Within my job I have worked on so many different types of job. I started in building projects, offices, small warehouse units etc. Since then I have worked on nuclear installations, roads, a marina, Vibro floatation works, piling, sea defences, and a cofferdam in the middle of the Mersey (among many other projects). My experiences have been extremely varied.

From these changes I have made to expand my pond I have met so many great and interesting people. I have moved geographically and to different types of project. I have learned. I have grown. I am still learning. I am still growing.

If you want to grow in your working life, like my learning you need to ask yourself a couple of questions in your working life:

1. To grow in my career do I need to move to a different area/country to expand my horizons?

2. What other skills can I get to enhance my career? What new experiences can I gain to improve my working lot in life?

As I have said in previous posts you are responsible for your life. Your thoughts are just that and you project them onto your life. That is why some of your life is great and other parts are not as enjoyable as you have associated words such as “boring” with the task/person or “dull” etc.

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