Plank Pose In Yoga

Plank Pose In Yoga

Muscles Associated with the Bladder

The following are the muscles that are associated with the bladder meridian. Erector Spinae Muscles (Sacrospinalis)

The erector spinae muscle is not just one muscles but a bundle of deep muscles and tendons that run up either side of the spine. The mass and combined strength of these muscles and tendons differ at different parts of the vertebral column. They are a great example of the amazing complexity and interconnectedness of the human musculoskeletal system.

These muscles are mainly involved in keeping the vertebral column upright in a balanced and efficient manner. In most cases, these muscles are weakened and over flexed by the rounded back posture created from sitting in poorly designed furniture or from the rounding of our backs when sitting at computer desks and playing with little digital devices.

Posterior Tibialis

The posterior tibialis is the most central of the lower leg muscles. It originates on the inner posterior borders of the fibula and tibia and runs down the leg and attaches at a variety of ankle and foot bones.

Its main job is to stabilize the lower leg. A dysfunction or weakness in these muscles often results in flat feet.

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