Pilates Exercises For Back

Pilates Exercises For Back

The Happy Body program promotes good posture by requiring exercisers to curl up their toes and raise their chests for all lifting exercises. This shifts the weight to the heels, forcing the body into a more upright position. Then, by tightening their abdominal and buttock muscles, Happy Body exercisers align their spines in a neutral position, which eliminates the need for awkward bodily compensations. At the end of the lifts, the exercisers extend themselves slightly further, which increases the body’s vertical alignment.

After the exercisers have attained full range of motion in every joint, The Happy Body program promotes speed by having them spend less time on the movement of every repetition and more time on rest and relaxation.

Finally, there is a spiritual component to The Happy Body program, which is essential to slowing down the aging process. As our clients perform the exercises on a daily basis, their lives develop a rhythm in which they start to become calmer, more meditative, more relaxed, and more mindful. Having previously hated exercise, they now look forward to it. Their fitness and well-being are now totally within their own control and they know it.

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Now I Like Myself Better

Tony Abbis (71-year-old marketing consultant) hrough the years, I have always been active in sports soccer, cricket, tennis, individual skiing, distance running and had always been in the 170 to 176 pound weight range. With time, a by-pass operation, and a torn knee meniscus, though, I was down to just walking and playing doubles for exercise. I drifted between 186 to 192 pounds. I did not like myself, and my wife and I were looking for a change in lifestyle that would support the energy and activities that we both enjoyed. The diets we had tried were not effective long-term. They did not support our sports activities and induced cravings for “forbidden foods.”

For my 70th birthday my wife gave me a three-month session with a personal trainer to see if we could develop an exercise program that would build flexibility and strength and reduce my dimensions. The results: aches, pains, and exhaus¬tion, plus a feeling of futility over the grind of the routines. Lamenting the state of dissatisfaction one day, a friend he told me of his experience with Jerzy and Aniela’s Happy Body program. It was 180 degrees different than what I was going through.

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