According to author of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Coleman, depression is a low arousal state, and so his suggestion is to do something physical such as walking or running to bring the body into a high arousal state. This can help to break the cycle of depression or to help reframe an event, thereby lessening the impact of a distressing event in our consciousness.


Set aside time each day and simply think of an intention for the day. Sit in a quiet space, take 10 deep breaths and repeat the intention to yourself, wait, and then open your eyes. This has the effect of aiding concentration, focusing the mind, slowing the breath and energising the body.



The effects of meditation are well documented, and practising regularly over time can change the physical matter of the brain and increase our capacity for joy and compassion. There are many meditation techniques, but this is a simple yet highly effective exercise:

• Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes

• Bring the breath through the nose and feel it fill up the spaces in your body

• Exhale and feel everything sink as the air leaves your body

• Inhale and imagine that a bright white light fills up the whole of your body

• Exhale and feel your body sink, but keeping the white light inside you

• Inhale and feel the air fill the white light, making it so white and bright that it pushes out of your body and surrounds you

• Exhale and as you let the air go. keep the white light inside and around you. This will make you feel calm, happy and safe

• Inhale, bringing the air in to make the white light even brighter and whiter

Exhale and keep the brighter light inside and around you • Repeat as often as necessary and then open your eyes, and you will feel more centred, balanced and calmer


A diet that is high in nutrients and low in additives and preservatives is extremely important when you are feeling low. even though at this time more than any other you may feel the needs for foods high in sugar. If you must have sugar, try to eat dried fruits which are more nutritious. To calm the mind, eat celery, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, brown rice, almonds and bernes, sweet potatoes, garlic and avocado. For the best therapeutic drink, choose green tea which has many beneficial properties and helps to increase mental performance and combat depressive moods.

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