Pelvic Exercises During Pregnancy

Pelvic Exercises During Pregnancy

The secret of sacrifice is that it leads not to the development of the ‘self’ through the growth of some quality like compassion, wisdom or courage, but to the annihilation of the ‘self’ whether that be the personal self or indeed the transpersonal self. In the first two cases sacrifice is viewed as a ‘loss’. Something is always being ‘given up’, albeit for a higher purpose or in alignment with a greater principle.

Those motivated by the secret of sacrifice do not experience this sense of ‘giving up’ and therefore need no other motive to help them overcome the natural human tendency to want to ‘hold on’. The sacrifice itself is the motivation and it is experienced as ‘gain’ and not ‘loss’. They let go of their ‘selves’ like a man takes off a heavy cloak when the sun comes out. They require no recognition and no benefit perceived or otherwise to the collective. Of course such a benefit inevitably does occur but it is as a by-product of their sacrifice and not the cause of it, and often remains unrecognised by them. They are experiencing the ‘bliss’ that is the jewel hidden in the heart of sacrifice, and a taste of spiritual freedom not freedom for the self but freedom FROM the illusion of ‘self’. They walk upon the way of sacrifice needing no encouragement to do so and grateful for the opportunity opening door after door, each one leading to greater and greater annihilations of the very ‘self’ that is journeying until “nothing remains but bliss”. 116

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All fear, at its root, lies in the illusion of separate selfhood and the need to protect this self from real or imagined threats or dangers. Where there is no self being experienced there is no fear.

We renounced and we acquired. We gave away and we received. We were deprived and were freed of temptation.

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