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It is clear that in the light of Triangle of Liberation that the Brahmin discourse culminating with the Maitri moved yoga and liberation away from its original Sramanic Meditative Absorption towards Mystic Realisation . Still mind becoming turya has now been loaded with mystical symbolism.

The aim of becoming brahman was already an established part of the Brahmin Vedic discourse, according to the Sanskrit scholar Kaelber (1989). In the Maitri, yoga had become a new form of combined meditative-wisdom practice claiming to help the adept towards the realisation of brahman’. In other words, the imported practices of yoga had been subsumed into an existing Brahmin discourse, giving the adept divine consciousness through mystical insight. So this discourse is a power discourse creating a difference in power and social status as the adept becomes ontologically transformed. The Brahmin yoga adept has been constructed as sage and mystic – a totem so different that he cannot be described within language. Through his yoga labour he has accumulated mystical knowledge – symbolic resources – so significant that he escapes any human categorisation. His social ranking is above and beyond this world and society.

If St. John’s Wort can reverse this cognitive Pasasana Yoga Pose impairment in normal subjects, it could potentially improve cognitive function in schizophrenics. Similar to prescription Pasasana Yoga Pose antidepressants, St. John’s Wort can trigger mania in bipolar patients. Schizoaffective patients or bipolar patients who may be misdiagnosed as schizophrenic could become manic or psychotic on St. John’s Wort. N-acetylcysteine, in appropriate doses, may serve as a complementary treatment to reduce some symptoms of schizophrenia. It may also prevent or reduce medication-induced damage to striatal tissues and side effects, particularly akathisia.

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