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And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy; Andyou would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted

Be it a mindful or physical approach, yoga is highly beneficial for any persons in convalescence, no matter how big or small a problem appears. Yoga offers an abundance of tools for challenging situations, with profound healing effects from restorative and recuperative, to uplifting qualities for optimum health and living. Yoga can be modified to support all lifestyles, surroundings and seasons, making recovery accessible for almost everyone.

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As stress is a common ailment of modern living, let’s start here:

When under too much pressure, the mental field shuts down preceding the ‘will’ to continue. Hence the expressions under stress’, a strain putting our innate wisdom out of reach. In this stage we lose sight of what is actually happening in a body and personality of sensations, emotions and feelings. Symptoms already onset by the immune system under attack due to stress, perpetuate physical, emotional and psychological problems. Often, the root cause of stress begins with surface personality and identifying with external layers we shape; push ourselves into, to fit in with society. This constant absorption of external influence, mask our core truths. Yoga however, brings us back.

Conscious or not, a process of emotional and mental responsive data accumulates to that which we speak, eat, smell, taste, touch, feel and think. Our senses, governed by the nervous system and chemical make-up designed within the formations of the endocrine system, define our personal characteristics. It is both these functions that manage’ sensory overloads. That in mind you can understand how our personalities and different roles of characteristics create false impression of which our true nature is seemingly contained in. Not to mention the intricate linear matrix born out of conditionings, patterned from all lifetimes on a soul level.

When stress is put to one side,’ the inevitable soon manifests as pain in the physical body, in one form or another. The physical body may take precedence in the initial stages of healing through yoga before we can go beyond. The breakthrough is found within change and recognising that the pain body is the trigger of what needs releasing. This change requires courage and effort, soon to reap through the very act of yoga itself.

A gentle approach in yoga should not be dismissed because of its simple appearance, as it carries profound effect to the body and mind. Its preventative and curative qualities put pressures far from reach because it changes how we react to the world inside, instead of trying to change the world outside.

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