Parsvottanasana Helps Strengthen The Legs



This is an asymmetrical standing forward – bending pose.

A good asana for improving posture and sense of balance, whilst also having a calming affect on the central nervous system and brain.

A deep asymmetrical asana that stretches the spine, shoulders, hips, and is great for the hamstrings.

The pose engages the superficial back line of fascia, which means the whole of the posterior side of the body will benefit. As the posterior fascia is a continual network of connective tissue that runs from the soles of the feet right up into the scalp.

Great for those people who find themselves desk bound during the day and requires a deep lengthening stretch to alleviate the aches and pains of bad postures.


The hip will go into flexion, this means the hamstrings and the glute muscles will be extending. The front hamstring feels the intensity of the stretch more than the rear leg. The glutes and the deep muscles lying under the gluteus muscles will help to balance and centre the pelvis.

The knee will be opening and extending forward, do not lock the knee.

Parsvottanasana stretches.

Spine Shoulders.

Hips Hamstrings.

Therapeutic effects ofjJH Parsvottanasana

Can help v flat feet.


The muscles of the back which run either side of the spine will be mildly extending, a really good but gentle way to open out everything from the pelvis right up into the neck without it being too intense.


High blood pressure Back problems.


The back limb mirrors the action of the front leg apart from the ankle will flex into a slightly more intense position.

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Meaning the deep muscles of the foot will be working hard to maintain the integrity of the arch of the foot.

To allow for the flexing of the hips and to maintain the asana the hamstrings, glutes and inner thigh muscles will be stretching.

The muscles running down the outside of the lower leg will open out to allow the lateral side of the ankle to lengthen without collapsing inwards.

The calf muscles of the back leg will be lengthening.

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