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In other words in chapter two the HYP subsumes hatha-yoga’s disjointed body techniques into a Saivite meditative discourse.

HYP instructs bandhas and mudras in chapter 3 but does not define them. It appears that they are mainly related to the stimulation of Kundalini. So once more the reader is left with little improved theoretical understanding – merely a list of descriptions and benefits. Normally bandhas, according to yoga popularisers, are defined as locks, holds or arrest – bodily locks. More specifically, bandhas are techniques of releasing deep-seated core muscles close to anus, navel and throat. For an overall functional understanding of the bandhas we have to consult other texts; the HYP contributes very little.

The long-term harvesting of bark from the fragile pygeum Paripurna Navasana Yoga Pose tree may not be sustainable Simons, Dawson, & Duguma, 1998. Stinging Nettle Stinging Paripurna Navasana Yoga Pose nettle root extract Urtica dioica blocks prostate cell growth receptors, blocks 5-alpha-reductase, inhibits aromatase, inhibits sex-hormone-binding globulin binding, and is anti-inflammatory Lichius & Muth, 1997. Although it was effective alone in a placebo-controlled trial Krzeski, Kazon, Borkowski, Witeska, & Kuczera, 1993, the effect was more robust in combination with pygeum in a DBPC study Sokeland & Albrecht, 1997. A six-month DBRPC partial crossover study of 620 men with BPH found that 81% of those given Urtica dioica reported improved lower urinary tract symptoms LUTS versus 16% on placebo. International Prostate Symptoms Scores IPSS, Qmax, peak urinary flow rates, and postvoid residual volumes all improved significantly in the Urtica dioica group compared with placebo. The group treated with the herb were found to have a modest reduction in prostate size 3. The usual dose is 300 mg/day. PRO 160/120, a combination of 160 mg WS 1473 saw palmetto and 120 mg WS 1031 Urtica dioica stinging nettle root extract, was tested in 257 men with moderate to severe LUTS due to BPH in a DBRPC 24-week trial.

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