Padahastasana Pose

Padahastasana Pose

For this pose you will exhale as you move. Starting from a standing position with your back and legs straight, and your arms straight up above your head, slowly bend at your waist, keeping your head in line with your spine and your arms in position either side of your ears. Keep your back as straight as possible as you continue to fold at the waist, lowering your hands down to your toes. From this position you can pull your forehead towards your shins to feel the full stretch.

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For this meditation, set a timer for at least ten minutes. Make yourself super comfortable. As you close your eyes, take a moment to relax in the space behind your eyes. Don’t rush yourself as you take a slow shift out of your head and into your body.

As you sit there, check in on your body first, breathing into anything that feels particularly wound up. Feel what your emotions are, giving yourself plenty of time to unravel your honesty. Feel where your emotions may be stuck. Whatever is there, be with it. Are you crampy? Are you ticked off? Be those things. Exhale into those things. Make space for it and you will find the stuck energy dissipating. Feeling. Being. Full breaths in and full breaths out. Open your eyes, grab a hot water bottle, and embrace those adorable kitten videos.

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