One Legged Yoga Poses

One Legged Yoga Poses

Other techniques that stimulate the kidneys and bladder:

Massage the Feet.

1. After a shower is the best time to sit and rub and squeeze your feet with your hands.

2. Start at the inner arches of your feet and use your thumb pads to rub and squeeze.

3. Move onto the belly of the sole of your foot, rubbing and squeezing.

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I find the thumbs to be the best tools for this. When you find any tender or sore spots, stay on that spot with sustained pressure for a little while before moving on.

4. Make sure you get your toes, rubbing and kind of pinching the tops of your toes.

5. Then, rub the top of your foot and move toward your ankles.

6. Give your ankles a good rub and squeeze before moving to your other foot.

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