One-Legged King Pigeon Yoga Pose

In double-blind placebo-controlled studies, infants given One-Legged King Pigeon Yoga Pose omega-3 enriched formula showed improved brain and eye development Jensen, Voigt, Prager, One-Legged King Pigeon Yoga Pose Zou, Fraley et al., 2005, better problem solving at 10 months Willatts, Forsyth, Dimodgno, Varma, & Colvin, 1998, and higher scores on the mental development index Birch, Garfield, Hoffman, Uauy, & Birch, 2000; Helland, Smith, Saarem, Saugstad, & Drevon, 2003. Although more long-term, large-scale studies with measures of development are needed, there is no question that omega-3 FAs provide key structural elements for neuronal development in the fetus and newborn and that particular attention should be given to them in nutritional counseling. Early in pregnancy, maternal DHA plasma concentration increases regardless of diet in order to supply the rapidly proliferating fetal brain cells.

However, the overall maternal DHA level falls during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester as the mother’s reserves are depleted. This puts the mother at greater risk for postpartum depression and bipolar depression Hibbeln, 2002. Therefore, it is vital to ensure adequate levels of dietary DHA for women during pregnancy and breast-feeding and in infant formulas, particularly in premature infants. Fish oil supplements high in DHA but low in EPA may adversely affect omega-3FA balance.

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