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The educated Kshatriya of the Axial Ages

So which of these two dominating castes lead and drove the adaption and development of yoga and karma? The answer seems to be that even if some of the scribal class of Brahmins wrote the texts, then many of the new controversial ideas emerging were introduced by the increasingly dominant Kshatriyas (Chatterji 2007, Obeyesekere 2002). As neither of the two social hegemonic groups of descending Brahmins and ascending Kshatriyas could rule society on their own, they were forced reluctantly to deal with each other socially, politically and ideologically. So this would have been a factor in explaining why heretic discourses like yoga found their way into the writings of some Brahmin clans: it was forced upon them by necessity, by the quest to stay in power, by their dominant political partner caste. Based on this I assume that the strata who voluntarily and out of interest – the first amateurs (lovers of) – took up new practices and ideas and later called them yoga, were mainly the Kshatriyas.

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