Om Chanting Yoga To Relax The Body And Mind

I'm Oscar I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga general yoga level 2 once you have done with general yoga level 1 and, if you are started feeling that these arsons are getting quite easy for you then you can come to general yoga level 2 wherein we learn slightly advanced arson from general yoga level 1 there are twists there are forward bending there are backward bending and there are some good primes once you do level 2 you get prepared for level 3 and 4 homecourt chanting sage Patanjali says thus say watch a Caprona wa Alice ohm is the name of the God. And you always start any session with his name to do the Omkar chanting you're sitting in normal cross leg position ardha padm Asana or Padma.

So you have the Padma mudra or Donna mudra whatever you want we're chanting the sound o and more together which makes an own car and each sound represents three different God the Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh to go in this chanting to close your eyes the back is erect you're sitting in normal cross leg position are the patmos and awkward muscle now you take a deep breath in me once again inhale Oh one more time inhale whoo just feel the effect of this chanting on your body. And your mind then rub your palms give the heat the energy to your eyes your face I'm dropping the hands down slowly open your eyes this practice will immediately bring down your mind for this yoga session it takes your mind inwards from the outside world you're coming to the inner world of this arsons and anions.

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