It could be for a number of different reasons. Do you normally sleep well? If not, lack of sleep may be contributing to the way you perform yoga exercises It could be your body has increased its flexibility by the evening because it had all day to warm up. but you should continue with your morning practice. Also, pay attention to what you eat and drink before you go to sleep as this may be contributing to your lack of flexibility. On another note, your inflexibility may also be due to your state of mind. If you really believe that you’re flexible, it may have a knock-on effect on your yoga practice. Try it for a few weeks – start believing you’re flexible and see how your body reacts.

I had never really been into yoga despite trying several classes over the years but after a particularly bad break-up of a serious relationship. I jumped at the chance of a week away at a yoga holiday in France with my brother. A friend’s girlfriend was running the tnp and had two last minute spaces I had been inconsolable and was ready to try anything to clear my head A week of Iyengar yoga in the sunshine over the rolling hills of Carcassone with amazing new friends helped to centre me and get me back on my feet. I was hooked on the stillness of mind that it provided and so my yoga journey began.


Shortly after returning, 1 decided to start my own food business and in conjunction with a disciplined training regime and healthy diet. I was soon in the best shape of my life. The yoga helped with the stress of balancing running a business and working on a Masters in Nutritional Medicine. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was just 29 years old.

It was at this time that I started to turn my attention to how what we can eat can help heal our bodies and an idea germinated in my head. I researched what foods can help prevent cancer and help heal after surgery and treatment, particularly for breast cancer (my eventual dissertation thesis). The doctors were amazed at the size of my tumour and the fact that it hadn’t spread, which I attnbuted to my healthy lifestyle and diet.

Every other year from 2004.1 had visited a naturopathic health farm, which put particular emphasis on yoga and nutntion. I always felt fantastic both in body and mind after the 10 days and realised the benefit of both disciplines. I wanted to make it easier for people to eat well but still enjoy flavoursome food and I created the idea of a business which delivers nutritionally balanced meals. The busier I became, the less time I had for yoga and breathing practices and stress started to build up. I then injured my knee badly and needed to have it reconstructed which meant I was on crutches and in a wheelchair for almost 6 months. I lost all strength in my left leg and soon became rather depressed. I put on weight and things went from bad to worse.

A mentor kept advising me to breathe as I wasn’t breathing when I became stressed. He inspired me to take action and bring my dreams to life. I started training and took up regular yoga again I also combined my love of food with my sound knowledge of nutntion by starting the Urban Kitchen – a service which creates healthy, delicious dishes and delivers them direct to your desk or door. I started feeling better both in body and mind and I am stronger, fitter and happier. I am going to participate in my third triathlon this summer and feel much more centred and happier.

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