This Natural Form Of Magnesium Repairs And Relaxes Your Muscles

Better You Magnesium Oil (£12.69 for 100ml; Perfect post-workout, this natural form of magnesium repairs and relaxes your muscles in a handy spray format. Westlab Soothing Dead Sea Salt (£4.99 for 1kg; These bath salts provide calcium, potassium and magnesium to support natural healing, calm irritation and replenish your skin.

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Use as a soak or scrub. Voya Lazy Days Detoxifying Seaweed Bath (£19 for 400g; Added to a steaming bath, the seaweed springs back into life, releasing its soothing, cleansing properties. Mio Skincare Get Waisted Body Cream, (£29.50 for 100ml; Help improve the appearance and elasticity of your skin with Phyco R75, extracted from laminaria digitate brown seaweed. Tightens, tones, supports and deeply moisturises all over.


Ever noticed how well you sleep after a day by the sea? One study found that people who completed a seven-mile coastal walk slept better and longer than those walked the same distance but through the countryside. It’s thought that the restorative effects of viewing the sea, memories of childhood holidays and breathing fresh air all combine to improve the quality of your slumber at night.

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