Namaste Yoga Poses

Namaste Yoga Poses

Forgive it and let go – Would you want to carry a sack of potatoes around with you all day? Of course you wouldn’t. Well that is similar in mental terms what you will carry around if you do not forgive others. Let it go now!!!

Without Action You Aren’t Going Anywhere – This is one of the biggest mistakes people make in the pursuit of their goals. You need to take action on the dream and the plans that you have made. If you don’t then your goal will remain just there as a goal. Move now!!!

Take Care of this Moment – In time this is all we have. Nice words from Gandhi but with respect he is dead, he no longer has this moment. If you are reading this then you do have this moment. Treat it with care and use it to your best advantage.

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Everyone is Human – You need to accept this too, we are all human. You will mistakes in your life and say and do the wrong things. And so will everyone else however much the modern media likes to gloss over this. However the good news is that we all learn from our mistakes. Carry on being human!

Persist – This is a key element to success in life. Not caring about the odds but just carrying on carrying on. Look at Gandhi himself, by his persistence India gained independence from the British Empire. If he could move a nation by his persistence, what can you persist at to bring about the change you desire?

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