Packs a powerful punch of concentrated vitamins A.

C, E and F to provide the ultimate revitalising remedy for dehydrated, lacklustre and aging skin. Also contains algae extract to moisturise and soften, Pro-Vitamin B5 to restore damaged skin and extracts of liquorice, com-frey and burdock to smooth and clam. £34-50


An excellent remedy to combat the visible lines around the eyes and contains vitamins A, C and E to improve elasticity and smoothness, silicones to shield vulnerable skin and seaweed extract. £37-10

Ella Georgia is a beautiful and ethical style brand consisting of stunning handmfade jewellery. Through designer. SiaruFoster’s love of jewellery and passion for alleviating poverty an original and individual collection has been created. The line features a range of different styles inspired by countnes such as Thailand. India and the Philippines. Passion is at the heart of this brand. Which pays particular consideration to maintaining an ethically ~ governed business and. works exclusively with fair-trade companies. The Stunning Lite Kalabalik bracelet is a handmade statement piece that is truly representative of this unique line. £42 available from or call 0845 130 4281


The Aloe Vera Aloeskins collection is unlike any other in the way it cares for and supports the body. The line focuses on the positive effects aloe vera has on the skin and implements its traits into the clothing. The active wear clothes release a range of vitamins and aloe vera properties into the skin while simultaneously protecting the body against foul odours. The Aloeskins tops and bottoms are all made from lightweight fabric mixed with organic wood pulp. This Aloe Vera Gathered Tank is ideal for those with healthy and active lifestyles – it is both stylish and functional with a built in bra. sizes from XS – XL. £47 available from

The wonderful world of vintage is all about embracing the fashion of the past and bringing it to the present. This is exactly what Future Folklore, who update vintage pieces and make them relevant, are all about. Using original vintage garments they create innovative and fashion-forward clothing, making each piece a unique and eye-catching statement. Futue Folklore is vintage that captures the past while being edgy enough for the present.

This is Future Folklore’s antique Victorian Theatre Jacket. It is layered with the designers handmade collar and features a leather trim. £75 available from or call 0127 394 5898

In Bloom London boutique is all about celebrating the female form while maintaining an integral focus on protecting nature. Its designers understand the vital importance of preserving the environment, and using natural matenals create lingerie that makes women look good and feel great. The company believes that human potential does not have to be at the cost of our environment. It is for this reason their beautiful and unique underwear uses sustainable materials made from organic cotton and tencel. This is In Bloom’s ’Play’ Bra. Designed to inspire a playful nature while keeping women supported in sizes from 32A – 34D £39 available from


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