Mountain Pose In Yoga

Mountain Pose In Yoga

These practices are among my favourites for turning an asana practice into Meditation in Motion’. Practising in this way has helped me train my mind as much as possible to stay present no matter what I'm doing or feeling. Just as importantly, these practices have kept me interested in practising, reflecting and taking a kinder, more holistic care of myself – and. That I think might be their greatest gift.

The journey to becoming ultimately fit and healthy is an evolution of nurturing your mind, body and spirit in every breathing moment.

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Embrace the winter and all the seasons as you only have so many years and therefore seasons to enjoy! Here are eight holistic tips to help get you through the imminent months of shorter days:

It's inevitable that most of us will catch a winter cold or flu virus but did you know that you can think' yourself well to speed the recovery of ailments? As an example, studies have shown that cancer in patients improved by 10% with positive thinking. Health, being a high-level of wellness of the mind, body and spirit with the absence of disease, should be your most valuable asset. Think positive.

Raw plant life consumed by humans not only kills and attacks disease but also contains high quality minerals and proteins which will energise the biosystem of the body. A good list of ultimate immune boosting foods to carry around in your wallet this coming winter comprises: kale, watercress, Brussels sprouts, spinach, rocket, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, broccoli, green and red pepper, carrots, lettuce and salad greens, beetroot, brazil nuts, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pomegranate, grapefruit, oranges, garlic, onions, legumes, whole grains, cranberries and ginger – all of which are antioxidant. Think colourful, seasonal and raw; however, be sure to consume warm foods on a cold day.

SAD, or the Winter Blues, is officially recognised by Doctors and Psychiatrists as a medical condition that is thought to affect 2 million people in the UK and Ireland and over 12 Million people across Northern Europe but it can be prevented. The body does what nature does so instead of the alarming sound of your alarm on a dark, early winter morning, consider investing in a Body Clock / Light box which acts as a sunrise to wake you up gently. In your spare time, if it really is too dark, cold and wet, stay in next to a bright light and attack all of those jobs you put off in the summer because you were playing outside. Or enjoy museum, gallery and family visits you never got around to during brighter days. Make every minute of available sunshine count; wrap up warm and consume a hot lunch outside, get hot by going for a run, walk or bike ride for a serotonin inducing boost that will leave you feeling calm and happy. For further information visit Uk.

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