Morning Yoga Poses For Energy

Morning Yoga Poses For Energy
Think of that sports event when everything hinged on one big moment in the game. That kick, that shot, that run whatever the play was. A few split seconds changed the entire complexion of the game.

Think of how you can apply this saying to your working life? You have an opportunity to turn your life around.

Think about something you want to change (big or small) and just decide to change it right now.

Tell people you are changing and just do it.

Just today I have decided to lose my belly and today so far I went to the gym at 6am and I have limited myself to one coffee and instead of solid food I have taken two juices. I have drunk extra water too.

Sure there has been a bit of ribbing in the office about this but I have changed. This morning (27 May 2012).

How about you changing too? Right now is the right time.

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