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It is best to learn from a qualified teacher who can Moksha yoga poses 40 ensure that the techniques are being done correctly. However, patients with social phobia or agoraphobia Moksha yoga poses 40 may not be able to attend classes. In such cases, videotapes and DVDs are available for those who are motivated to practice at home. The beginning practices are mild, nonstrenuous, and unlikely to cause harm even if not done perfectly.

Most studies of Qigong are of limited value because of methodological limitations and small sample sizes. However, the effects of Qigong on HRV were assessed in 20 healthy sedentary adults compared with 20 healthy Qigong trainees.

During controlled respiration, Qigong training increased high-frequency power and decreased the low-frequency/high-frequency power ratio of HRV, indicating increased cardiac parasympathetic tone and lower SNS tone. Moreover, experienced Qigong trainees had higher HRV than age-matched sedentary controls Lee, Huh, Kim, Ryu, Lee et al.

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