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Welcome to your own you okay everyone welcome Kenton thanks for doing this alright thank you today we’re going to look at a yoga practice in case somebody has a shoulder injury shoulder injuries are not always the same for each and every person so what I’m going to offer today will try to be pretty generic. But you’ll have to try it on your body and see, if it hurts even, if I offered something please don’t do it right.

But we can see how it’s possible to practice even with a shoulder injury and can it’s gonna help us today so Ken’s had a little injury on his right shoulder right yeah okay. So we’re gonna try and give it dummy not put weight on it no chaturanga or a Down Dog today. But also kind of be gentle in the stretches and that’s where it really differs between one person another. So we’re just going to come to the front of the mat. And just take a moment here in Tad Asana and Thomas TTE just finding a moment to lengthen to grow tall to find the breath in je breath you’re gonna try and keep our practice alive with our gun does with a little bit of the belly and a little bit of the pelvic floor lifted and as much as possible we’re going to keep the shoulders down and relaxed right. So we want to make sure we’re not going too far forward today with shoulders or too far back of keeping it pretty neutral just one we’re deep breath here. So we’re going to start with just kind of a half sense of it. So we’re just going to bring the hands to the hips. And then as we inhale we’re going to really lengthen just leaning back a tiny bit you can take even the feet a little wider. So It’s a little more steady just a little bit back. And then coming up and over exhale forward fold a I’m going to bend the knees pub weekends a little bit as well just to make sure the spine is okay. And then in the halo we’re going to come up slowly all the way back up and exhale lean back again a little bit this is our upward dog with no shoulders and back up to Center take a breath let’s do this again inhale lengthen and being a little bit back and exhale coming up and all the way forward and down your choice whether you bend the knees or not inhale slowly coming all the way up and exhale the evening back inhale back to Center just take a breath let’s do this one last time inhale lengthen out lengthen up first.

And we’ll go back and exhale forward fold inhale back up and exhale lean back lifting and dr. Sun speaking cool now we’re gonna kind of work on our low lunge high lunge without doing the whole vinyasa thing. So you can have the feet apart or together hands can be in on a state and we’re going to step the right foot far back and try to keep the bandha stadium James berry stays. So you’re very focused, if you’re in one line with the feet. And it’s shaking with your right leg a little more to the right good. And then let’s take a few of just bending down and straightening and bending. So we’re going to bend the right knee. And then straighten both legs got bending both knees almost to the ground and inhale up two more exhale down yeah last one exhale in half. But spend the front knee and bend the right knee all the way to the ground bring the hands to the hips a little low lunge eat here. And then thinning the shoulders have no pressure so right what I find is when we have an injury somewhere it’s an opportunity to deepen the practice in other places.

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So we can’t do as much arm balances we can work on stretching our quads our hamstrings in this case the hip flexors just picking another deep breath make sure you’ve got your bundles alive. So you have space in the lower back beautiful here comes the hard part so tucking the back toes under. And we need to use those bondas lifts in the belly to press up good keep the gaze very steady try to step your right foot to meet the left, if you need to do it in two steps that’s okay too good use we got a nice side here we go that’s what we just let’s do four of these freakin ended so straighten both legs inhale exhale they do now inhale exhale then you know to inhale exhale really follow your breath in half which is slowly down last one inhale. And this time we’re going to go down all the way bringing the left knee to the ground that has come to the hips you can untuck the back toes taking a few breaths in the low lunge notice how Ken’s keeping his neck really long and his shoulders down so many of our perpetuating injuries that things that just don’t want to heal are. Because we keep practicing in a stressful way rather than a relaxed way and Kenta Stephanie speaking way down right his hips are heavy to the ground very tough a very earthy well his spine is feet are reaching up so there’s no pressure on the lower back last deep breath tucking the toe Preston sprung into the back leg beautiful looking forward stepping it slowly gorgeous so what Ken did is he brought his hips forward. And then the foot followed that’s how he managed to do it like not your common action great we’re gonna go from here into a triangle variation. So that’s good ass thunder style we’re going to open the right foot to turn back to the back of the room so go ahead and turn the right foot all the way back we’re going to turn sideways instead of taking the left arm up we’re going to keep it your choice you can keep it on the head, if it feels good for you to stretch it you can behind-the-back we’re just not going to take them in the air so easy straightening the front leg turning the body sign that cycle is for triangle reaching forward. And then going down perfect good beautiful. So I’m keeping the tailbone tucked which can do any ass. But some of us tend to stick the butt out and get a little too much curvature in the back you can still work on landing opening right right like the front leg is very active it’s almost like the kneecap is lifting to protect that fine good.

And then inhale coming up we’re gonna turn. So just turn the feet pivot on the feet and will do the trick on us in a triangle on the other side I’m reaching so even though there’s a hand down there’s technically no weight on that hand we’re using our Bundys our core to keep us up you can take any hand down variation that you like to the floor to the big toe to the shin it doesn’t matter just make sure there’s no weight on it right, if you’re still lifted the spine is long that’s fantastic notice ken just brought the chin slightly in towards the chest. And you can see now his neck is even longer right there’s no stretched for retention there inhale slowly coming up I’m going to step it to the front of the neck or just this time let’s open the left foot. So we’re going to open the left foot to the website we’re going for press to recap uttan Asana feet are parallel to each other we’re gonna place the hands on the hips starting with a inhale creating length and exhale forward folding they have to do come to the floor. But again there’s not much weight on the hand. So there shouldn’t be any issue with the shoulder lengthening the spine and forward folding in case this is somewhat easy feel free to walk the hands back so eventually your fingernails antonio’s are in one line or even and do it further back we are bringing the elbow slightly in towards each other which creates spaces between the shoulder blades right this will make sure there’s no tension in the neck. And then they had just drops down let it relax legs are working we’re activating the quads. And just staying here for another three breaths right I can hear his mujhey breath yeah here we go lengthening the spine exhale hands to the hips right using the core to come out slowly inhale all the way up okay we’re gonna do one work your choice you can take presser e2c, if you find that it helps you to stretch the shoulders. But for many of us with an injury probably not a good idea and maybe you just want to keep the hands on the hips for the second one press the recompete. So we’ll keep the hands on the hips today inhale lengthen first. And then exhale coming forward that hips move a little bit back to balance the weight forward and Ken’s going to go all the way down to wherever here is his legs his hamstrings are going to allow him the elbows will come up a bit towards the sky right crunch much perfect right so there’s not too many wrinkles here ped and echo relaxing down mmm belly is lifted to support him good breathing. And just giving him a little extra juice senescent to this pose great he’s gonna tuck the belly in so he can have a lot of strength coming all the way up, if you need to bend in the knees to come up that’s perfectly fine great we’re gonna do a couple more things here so Kent’s gonna go even a little wider. And then he’s going to start to bend the knees hips back.

But here we go. And then we’re gonna take the arms up, if this is like a chihuahua not fun on the shoulders just keep the hands on the hips right, if you feel like okay this is strengthening my arms there’s no pressure rate so do what feels good for you you still have energy in you’re with us lift the heels up and, if you start shaking in the legs fantastic right here’s another option I’m gonna put the hands on the shoulders as a it’s like the middle variation a little work. But not too much I’m gonna take here another three since it’s pretty easy for Kim she’s going to this posts even more good your breath everyone good stay stay stay okay it’s all over straightening the legs through these thing arms step it to the front of the mat shake your legs a little bit okay let’s go for parsvottan Asana. So we’re going to take the right foot and turn it over to the right side facing again the back of the room great just I missed out they just were pumped. So Instead of taking the reverse namaste which made me intense for some of us we’re just gonna hold opposite elbows you can you’re welcome to keep the hands on the hips as well perfectly fine. So just yeah let’s keep your hands on the hips hips are squaring forward inhale and and exhale us his head and chest come forward his hips are moving a little bit back right talking wait and that lower belly comes in CreateSpace you can see it’s kind of micro bend in the knee the knee as the leg is not locked though it is straight and it’ll keep pressing into the back leg reaching into chest forward tailbone back and lower down a little more. So we’re gonna try and go crazy we’re going to try. And come up to warrior three it’s fine we’re just gonna keep the hands as is or even you can bring the hands to the heart to be light and, if you fall it’s not a big fall. So there shouldn’t be any too much pressure on that it’s just breathing here neither III steady gaze too why that slowly the back foot comes down or just look at that beauty slowly straightening the leg of the front leg pivot the feets that we’re facing the other side of the mat the adjusting the hips where as forward as possible hands on the hips inhale creating length and exhale slowly forward folding. So the back leg right Kent has it about 45 degrees forward which is awesome, if it’s really challenging bring the back toes more forward, if it’s way too easy keep the back foot more parallel to the short side of your mat taking another few breaths here that hips a little bit back chest. And head forward right see Lea his hamstrings are saying hallo perfect we’re going to transition slowly to balance on the left leg in warrior three hands can be on the hips or at the heart to your choice and, if you need to, if it’s tighten on strings it’s always fine to bend a bit in the standing leg trying to lower slightly the right hip down. So that it’s are a little more Square to stay attention that counts again, if you don’t get it fully straight perfect slowly reaching back landing steady. And then stepping it forward to the front of the mat yeah. So we’re gonna have kids instead of facing the front of the mat we want you to see this beautiful face we’re gonna having to face the front as we go and do some cappuccino. So we’re just gonna chill out this is an option you can take tree pose right here or here. But we’re gonna try and get some hip stretching while we’re at it. So we’re gonna place the ankle just like Kim has it over they need and taking the hips further back as we lower down so try not to move too far forward with your knee.

Because that’s too much pressure on the knee beautiful you can see his chest is open his shoulders are relaxed to staying here for three deep breaths see, if you can even listen to your breath maybe drink stop green tea right not ryuko Pacino’s he is becoming an Ayurvedic master so beautiful house here standing making me do a little more bring the right leg forward straighten the leg bring the hands the incidents will here for another boy okay so what happens here when the hamstrings are tight people tend to lean back tense pretty straight up. But don’t be tempted to just lift the leg as high as possible keep it as high as possible while keeping the back straight and that’s a bit higher and perfect here we go another side breath is deep gaze is steady at least like you lifted hips goes far down as possible hips more back right. So we make sure we’re not putting pressure on the knee keeping the foot even, if they were best to protect that. And you try to make this lovely fit absolutely mean that that leg hands to the hips you can even point the toes of it that make it a bit more user-friendly, if this highest possible yeah awesome so one less standing pose. And then we’ll go down to the ground we’re going to take half eagle pose go that’s. And then we’re going to take the Eagle legs some of you can even take the ego arms. And it’s fine we’re gonna just keep the hands in namaste prayer position today so can’t already wrap the right leg in order to get the full wrap you gotta bend the standing leg in this case it was the left leg. And then even, if you don’t have the full wrap that’s fine whatever you can go over it’s okay your spill down sings for working on your hips his elbows are lifting up as he is lowering his hips which makes it more challenging and maybe you lose the balance as long as you’re willing to smile nothing wrong with that then I start to really slow and steady release this nice last time to notice their leg bent again, if you got the hook of the foot great, if not just as great barely lift that case they may be trying to lift the elbows somewhat getting easy on the shoulders, if you feel a pinch or it doesn’t feel good just keep the hands at your heart okay we’re all gonna release this baby okay so taking the feet a little wider apart one more work on the legs since we’re here you’re gonna lift up the heels and we’re gonna have one more time start to go down I got the hips are moving down just like Al Pacino except this time both legs are going both legs are on the ground so a little steadier I’m gonna try and still lift the chest perfect taking three so there’s our relaxed head and neck relaxed to one.

So we won’t go for a propos today we’re just going to lower down to Milazzo into a squat, if it’s difficult to learn to beat out, if it’s easy bring that feet more parallel bring the elbows in and try to grow tall I’m not using much shoulder or any at all right I’m kind of lifting from my belly and from my head reaching up it pulls my spine tall just hang out here letting your hips stay I love you sit on a chair I don’t know why it would but, if you do this pose is great antidote one last big breath. And then since this is so relaxing it’s time to do a little bit of work. So we’re just going to lean back have a seat. And you can use your hands moving back bring the knees up portrayed and listen to your spine here right we’re gonna go to nav Asana to boat pose or what I like to call hammock coast and, if it looks a little more some of us will stay here some of you will even straighten the legs since this may or may not be good for your shoulders again feel free you can do have awesome in the hands of the heart the arms are not a must you’re still I don’t know I could feel my core or you feel it that’s all I want right three two one here we go. So we’re going to just squeeze to create space in the spine lengthen. But this pose is really not opposing as you do at least real bone stuff it’s like pancakes the first one is warm-up here we’ve got a different variation of the arms shoulders are still very relaxed head and neck relaxed legs are working core is working to stabilize lips are slightly stretching towards the ears you got crossing the leg lift lengthen one more easy today keep listening to the sound of your breath one more breath that’s sleazy beautiful. So we’re gonna just go and lay down in our belly. And just some back strengthening poses without using the shoulder. So we will stick on the upward facing dog. So I’m just gonna lay down on his belly just Starnes there great. So the first thing we’re gonna work on is just activating the the a string. So just keeping the feet down press them into the ground lift the knees off the ground just in ease knees off the ground more so Hix down just legs nice. So you want to get this to work yeah there we go alright. So you can see now there’s space underneath his feet are still on the ground legs are working good and with this this is the kind of work we want who don’t want it to go all into the lower back we want the hamstrings to help us lift he’s going to start to peel off this chest into the shuttle bus now his hands are going to stay on the ground just keeping it easy on the shoulders today to God and recipe you can move your hips a bit from side to side you can even bend their knees and move their legs from side to side to make a little release in the lower back we’re going to do this one again so here’s the thing you can do the exact same thing, if it feels good to clasp the hands and lift back great, if that’s too much pressure okay you can even do Sphynx instead. But we’re going to try and work on strengthening the back so Kent’s got the arms clasp let’s big toes reaching towards each other in yep Adia you can still see he’s got length in his neck right he’s lifting the head a bit. But not too much one more deep breath here and lowering down again and releasing a bit in the lower back beautiful we’re gonna press this back into a wide meet child’s pose I’m just easy on your shoulders lifting up your knees are down. So there shouldn’t be much weight there I’m just surrendering again allowing the hips to kind of drop down towards the feet towards the legs put the heels really we’ll take your TV breaths two more deep breath Morini making sure your shoulders are relaxed in this case they are we’re going to continue with some more back Vince.

But before we do that we’ll take a pigeon. So we can relax a bit in Pigeon. And then we’ll do our camel pose. So we’re gonna bring the right foot forward I straighten the legs trying as much as possible to adjust the hips forward right for a lot of us this means the left thigh needs to roll in he’s created length and from this length he starts to come down and we’re gonna stay here for a little while and breathe just slowly it just needs to be even more square putting a tiny bit of pressure on his left side helping his right nice like the external rotate no pressure on the shoulder here there’s some good nice fresh breeze here okay perfect and starting to come up. So we’re going to skip our vinyasa we’re just going to take the right foot back and do the left side or better yet just flip over to the other side Thank You Kent all right justing the hips some of us maybe Kent has it. But sometimes I look back to make sure that the leg is in line with the hip he’s got it fine. But I know I tend to take it out to the side to compensate lengthening and with the X go whenever you’re ready slowly come down finding deep breath so when we’re doing these in like poses right when we’re staying longer in poses I really like to deepen the exhales when we deepen the exhales we allow the parasympathetic system to be activated my desk kind of dropping away from the fight-or-flight from the normal daily stress and coming into this place of surrender of relaxation it’s just really really really important for healing. So In this case you can either just be here and listen to your deeply exhales you can feel the torture of your hips being stretched when you can send human energies to your shoulders and make sure that you’re not vomiting your excess right there long slow smooth. So we’re gonna set up for camel pose so trying to make sure your knees are roughly hip-width you need to cheat a little bit that’s fine we’re gonna start with the first version without taking the hands back at all first person hands are going to be on day test and we’re going to really work on the alignment. So It sounds kind of silly to work on tucking the tailbone here and getting Bundys.

But it’s gonna really help your lower back so tucking the tailbone and I just saw that lift right he really lifted up from this Serena I’m not taking the ribs too far out and trying to keep this as you exhale start to lean back for some of us gets an inch for some of us it’s 20 inches go just to a medium space that feels good right, if it’s okay on your a head and neck take the head back, if not you can keep the chin tucked forward good and to come up try to imagine that you’re coming up one vertebrae at a time I see your head in that car last take don’t worry we won’t stay here too long just a couple of breaths. And then we’ll do it again. So I’m coming back up. And this time your choice right you can do the exact same thing that’s perfectly awesome or, if it feels good you’re welcome to either tuck the toes under. And then the heels will be higher up to reach right exactly as Kent is showing us. And we’ll work that way today, if you don’t need that you don’t need that I’m gonna make sure Kent’s hips are forward which he’s got right. But a lot of us tend to cheat and take the good stuff not the end of the world. But overtime work unexplored really lengthening out here and, if it’s not cute walking down, if it is keeping the hands on the hips anybody should be coming up good here the last one. So you decide do you want to go over the river or do you want to go a little less or maybe the same listen to your body I always fading the length with the inhale with the exhale going down making sure we’re not already stressing in the shoulders or neck beautiful breathing three I don’t even need to adjust the hips they’re ready for it I could see the sternum lifting with some beautiful alignment last deep breath here.

And then slowly slowly coming up one last Child’s Pose please you can decide, if you want the hands forward or alongside the body either ways find whatever feels good on your shoulders. So we’re gonna come to sit facing your bodies and we’re gonna do a little bit of hip opener and we’re gonna start adding some forward folds here perfecto opening the feet creating length then exhale starting to move forward right some of us will move way down some of us will stay back here with the hands behind the back right working not tilting the pelvis forward is our work rather than just dropping the shoulders into slump Asana so always try to create a bit of length. And then reach down from that length gorgeous right Kent’s putting his elbows on the thighs which help a little bit to get the thighs down, if you’re pretty far down. And you want to move your hands forward that’s great notice that you’re not bringing the shoulders up. But rather relaxing them down perfect you’ll take here at three or four deep breaths hopefully you can hear your breath I can hear mine and test that’s a good sign beautiful we’re gonna come out just keep the right foot exactly as it is just take the left foot forward John’s response on an eight make sure your foots not too far forward. But rather that thigh is moving into the hip socket inhale create a little bit of length and exhale slowly start to come down, if you’re coming down in your hamstring is about to pop out here like oh no second injury by all means either sit on a block or bend the left knee a little bit. So that you can actually create that space in the lower back and that’s the important part. And then slowly surrender down to wherever it may be right there’s a hint of work here the belly is lifted the shoulders are relaxing looking good pretty relaxed happy face love it so take them two more breaths. And then there’s another side not too much living there too much love infinity dangerous right okay you’re getting a sign you what I’m doing is I’m just making sure Kent’s heel is in line with his hips right.

So It’s one nine. And the toes are up trying to notice that we’re not row being in or out. And then then thinning and coming forward into the post you all the stretching yeah so here’s an example right Kent says how it feels good to stretch a bit of the shoulder here, if it feels right for you do it right we’re not anymore in this like people used to believe in mice and rights are you rest ice compression elevation right just really let everything rest today most people realize that actually some movement is good right my smooth ice and so on and so on. So we want create movement we just the one that goes sharp movement we’re going to go hard where it’s hurry but, if it’s a little bit of a stretch that’s great. So you don’t get too much of scar let’s be both legs forward good again, if you need to sit on a block that’s great, if not you don’t have a block we don’t have one here right now kids either comes down with straight legs or Vince Denise Bence be knees a little bit thinning various light being to create more of that movement forward you want an astronaut I just saw him relax the shoulder is really important there is this tendency to pull ourselves forward with the arms with his shoulders and, if we want to pull forward. And you don’t have me giving you a hands on adjustment sorry I can’t do it through the post really try to create that lift in the belly. And then go forward it’s almost like you’re tell them roots back and down towards the Earth Wow the belly lifts up and that creates a little more space for the forward boy good last two breaths let’s let the head dangle down. So we really can relax here right you can even do this for longer than what we’re doing just placement law or something underneath the head some people some how to do that your head relax well do a couple more seated poses before we got up onto our back let’s go for seated and we’re going to actually take the legs wide apart for loop of each that’s an Asana yeah so nice body we’re keeping the toes facing up right and then, if you’re an answer. And you like to point people expects you can see his quads are working creating the length this hands are behind the back helping the pelvic tilt. And then you can stay there, if that’s where you need, if you can do the pelvic tilt without behinds eventually starting to move forward either holding the legs or hands on the ground forearms on the ground whatever works for you today is fine right we’re feeling of those stretching the abductors here. And the muscles on the inside of the thighs stake here a nice three breaths and again, if this is obviously it’s not hurting this shoulder otherwise you wouldn’t do it but, if it were you can always place the hands up ground that’s perfectly fine great we’re going to stretch our quads a tiny bit. And we did that earlier. So we’re gonna come into just one more forward fold with the right foot bending back you can do it facing this way so again some of us need to sit on a block and that’s perfectly fine or, if you’re like no no I don’t have a block or a pillow or anything. But you can even just do the jumps or shaston again over time working on bringing both knees closer together yeah lengthen and start to come down that’s okay it’s gonna come down at this for me do you feel like you’re kind of wanting to follow it to one side yeah, if it does feel like you’re one hip is about to leave the ground you can use the hands. And this space probably know that can suppress you little bits of both hips are pressing on to the ground right you’re looking to eventually have both sitting rooms rooting down towards the Earth just last couple breaths to another fort pull the little looks for hamstrings maybe you feel the stretch in New York. And you’re either leg like in the shin or in the quads or the ankle whatever is tight that’s where you’re going to feel it it’s okay we’re going to do the other side nice and. So you can see or you can’t see.

But I’ll tell you he’s not sitting on the EO is sitting right next to the heel which is what we wanted that thing pouring forward to ever feels good for you by the sea exhale or riffles are very calming and relaxing to me means that the mind starts to drift away some of us to check out our toenails some of us other stuff see, if you can come back to just listening to your breath it’s relaxing love it one last deep breath. So It really sees the legs scooting forward onto the mat we’re gonna see lay down on our backs oh these are good lay down right. So we’ll start with a little bit of an inversion we’re keeping they have something around just taking the legs up to the sky right you want to send you to shoulder stand the rendering any other inversions. Because most of them have too much pressure on the shoulders you can also do this with a block or a pillow underneath the hips you can also just go and mean against the wall. So the legs, if I were a wall I can just kind of relax here. And you can just relax here right just stay here I got you make sure your shoulders are kind of relaxing towards the ground probably palms facing up to allow the shoulders to drop down good you can even take the arm slightly away from the body you’ll see the shoulders relax even more I bring the chin to the chest to have length in the back of the neck right we’re gonna have finished with and twist. So we’re doing the twist thing on the ground we’ll do a twist on the ground any variation that you like in this case. And this gonna Louie has hips to the left side as much as possible. And then take the knees over to the right these can be together or wrapping the left leg over the right either way it’s fine or just. And the arm goes to the side Kent can use his right arm on the leg, if he wants to add that spring rather though there’s been severe it’s gonna give him a little bit of neck and there that his shoulders broader that’s not his injured shoulder that’s right what everybody depending your exhales that’s wishing science sighs um grab the legs remember to move a X together direction first rate then the we’re gonna really it’s on your camera okay let’s place this one over oh I so got the right leg wrapping over the left just really relaxing here no matter what happens whether you got the deer around or working God right it’s part of our practice. And we stay calm children this space double the length of the exhale so kids can take a very short shav Asana today you can stay there as long as you want just going to lay down for about a couple of minutes and as you guys use it as an opportunity for therapy some really letting your legs relax you just make sure they’re completely no tension I’m gonna take those arms and take them a little wider again. Because of the opportunity that it gives us to let the shoulders drop down towards the Earth. And then you can go into complete bliss, if you want but, if you are not there. And your mind is a little active see, if you can focus your complete awareness into a sense of softening like you’re spending this beautiful white light to wherever you may experience some injury some discomfort event and see, if you can in within your mind send healings to yourself through that area that needs it’s gonna stay here with Kent for about a couple of minutes go through your day of meeting feeling that energy going into the shoulder visualizing the air see your shoulder perfectly healthy to transfer that to your whole body you feel your whole entire body in grades right now taking a deeper breath feel free to roll on to one side study make Mir way up to sit yes again you may modify this you may do this practice with a little extra movement of shoulders to get a little stretch in the shoulder I tried to give you a practice that has as little shoulders as possible so that, if it really is injured you can practice a little movement.

But you can still have a full-on practice without putting any pressure on the shoulders and so much can for helping this demonstrating practices really thank you yeah thank you all and namaste namaste please go ahead and hit the like button and, if you really enjoyed let us know did it work for you what was great about this post and subscribe namaste.

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