Mighty Bones With Exercise!


Besides having enough calcium, weight-bearing exercise is very important to build your bones and keep them strong.

Hike with your family.

Play badminton in the backyard.

Join a basketball, soccer, baseball, or volleyball team. Jump rope.

And dance!

Go for it!!


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Playing soccer, playing basketball, playing Ping-Pong, and numerous other activities are considered vigorous.

Rent a workout video or DVD, borrow an aerobic video or DVD from the library, or join a class at your local Y, Boys and Girls Club, church, or community center.

Or swim!


Many communities have a YWCA or other public facility where you can take swimming lessons taught by a certified swimming instructor (through a Red Cross or YWCA certified program) and swim for a reasonable fee.

Swimming is just such great exercise. It’s low impact: easy on the joints. Since you’re supported by water, there’s less chance of injury-compared to “land” sports.

When you swim, you use almost every major muscle group in your body, and if you swim long distances, you’ll get fantastic aerobic exercise that will improve your cardiovascular endurance. Playing games in the water with your friends and family helps keep you fitbecause it keeps you moving!

Best of all, swimming and playing in the water is completely relaxing and fun.

Why not call around? Start with your city’s parks and recreation department.

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