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For example, in their rodent studies, Kataoka-Kato Melting heart Yoga Pose and colleagues 2005 used phosphatidyl serine produced from soybean lecithin and L-serine by the transphosphatidylation Melting heart Yoga Pose reaction of phospholipase D. Furthermore, the measured effects of phosphatidyl serine also depend upon the age and neurological status of the subjects, the dosages and length of administration, and the specific types of memory tests utilized. The authors no longer advise using ergot derivatives because of adverse side effects. However, consumers who have read about these products may ask their health care provider for information. Hydergine and Nicergoline Readers interested in ergot derivatives should refer to reviews of hydergine and nicergoline in Alzheimer’s and other organic brain syndromes Fioravanti & Flicker, 2001; Olin, Schneider, Novit, & Luczak, 2001; Pantoni, 2004. In more than 47 trials of hydergine in Alzheimer’s, the effect has been slight at best, although there is a suggestion that higher doses may be somewhat effective.

Nicergoline, used to treat subarachnoid hemorrhage, shows more significant though modest effects. Nicergoline enhances glutamate reuptake, protects against ischemic damage in rats, improves brain blood flow, helps brain cholinergic systems, increases nerve growth factor in aged rat brains, blocks calcium channels and alpha-1-adrenergic receptors in aged rats Nishio, Sunohara, Furukawa, Akiguchi, & Kudo, 1998, inhibits inflammation, upregulates BDNF Mizuno, Kuno, Nitta, Nabeshima, Zhang, et al.

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