Meditation Techniques Clouds. And your Mind

Welcome to their own yoga today I’d like to talk about the thoughts. And the mind thoughts are a bit like the clouds they’re very useful they bring water and rain thoughts help us decide what we need to do or not do.

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But at times thoughts just like clouds it’s nice, if they’re not constant, if we have the clouds with us all the time we don’t see the Sun we never know what the real blue sky looks like so with thoughts just like with the clouds it’s important to allow them to float away to release one way of doing that is to observing the thoughts when sitting in any way that’s comfortable for you just watch what happens in the mind when reading the mind you’ll probably notice a lot of thoughts running by.

If you allow the thoughts to be there without attaching without continuing the story there’s a good chance the thoughts will flow away one way to release the attention from the thoughts is to focus on something else such as the breath when we focus on the breath the thoughts will automatically drift away a bit like the wind blowing the clouds away from the sky, if you practice this for a while. And it may take quite some time till you’ll manage to see more and more space between the thoughts till you see the sun shining through the clouds. But wants you to do you’ll start to see the clear sky. And then some surprises may happen so enjoy your practice start learning to find a place where the thoughts are not constant where you can start to see a little bit of your true self not you’re thinking self thank you for listening.

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