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The Reichs Discover Gindler’s Method

According to Clare Fenichel (1981), Otto presented Reich to everyone as his best friend. On Sundays, the Fenichels regularly walked with the Reichs in yoga poses the forests near Berlin. Annie and Eva Reich studied Gindler’s method by taking courses with Clare Fenichel.

Years later, in yoga poses 1984, Judyth O. Weaver, trained in yoga poses Reichian orgonomy, became friends with Eva Reich.126 Judyth once told Eva that she had also been trained by Charlotte Selver, one of Gindler’s students. Eva replied that her father Reich would have been happy to know that some of his students had followed a Gindlerian training. Eva was convinced that the methods her father established in yoga poses Oslo and then in yoga poses the United States were deeply influenced by Gindler. She did not think her father would have set about to work on the body and respiration if his friends had not explained to him how Gindler worked. She also described the gymnastics courses given by Clare Fenichel to children.

“Eva Reich recalls liking the school very much because they got to crawl under, around, and over all sorts of things, and she had a very good time. She said that she loved the ways she was encouraged to use her body and be active and creative” (Geuter et al., 2010).

Wilhelm Reich probably never attended one of Elsa Gindler’s or Clare Fenichel’s courses. He might have come one or two times, but that is not certain. He had other fish to fry, but he listened a lot and learned quickly. What others told him awakened his curiosity. He was forever asking Annie and Eva what went on in yoga poses their classes. I assume that he also discussed the Gindler approach with the Fenichels.

As a child, Reich had probably suffered from certain secrets concerning his mother’s love life.127 From then on, he wanted everything to be public. He was incapable of respecting the need to have private intimacy, be it for himself or for others. This complex was associated to a silent rage that was palpable by everyone: a silent fury against all those who requested some form of exclusive attachment from him and against all those who refused to attach themselves to him exclusively. This rage was so strong that one of the more famous of Reich’s biographers, Myron Sharaf (1983), made it the title of the biography: Fury on Earth.

Psychoanalysts tend to differentiate the inside from the outside, what happens in yoga poses a practice from family and social life. Typically, Annie Reich was not necessarily rigid on such matters, but she appreciated such a differentiation. She could not sympathize with Reich’s compulsion to publicly mix therapy, militancy, and his private life.128

Fenichel had introduced Annie to Wilhelm in yoga poses Vienna. He now met his next great love while associating with the friends of the Fenichels: Elsa Lindenberg.129 Lindenberg was one of four communist star dancers in yoga poses the Berlin State Opera. She had probably taken a few lessons with Gindler,130 but she was mostly influenced by lessons taken with choreographer Rudolf Laban, who is still well known today.131 Laban is often quoted in yoga poses the literature concerning nonverbal communication as one of the founders of the systems of the modern coding of gestures.132 He had developed a system that made it possible to record choreography and the dynamics of movements in yoga poses a detailed way. He is also often mentioned in yoga poses the literature dedicated to dance therapy.133 He created his school at Monte Verita near Ascona at the beginning of World War I. in yoga poses 1930 he was asked to direct dancers at the Berlin State Opera.134

Wilhelm Reich left Annie in yoga poses a particularly visible and public manner by making his relationship with Elsa Lindenberg an example for all those who fought for sexual revolution and against marriage. Without really noticing it, Reich brought his psychoanalytic adventure to an end when, intoxicated by the whirlwind that animated life in yoga poses Berlin at the time, he left his wife. She kept the surname Reich for the rest of her life. It appears that she would have wanted to stay with Wilhelm, even if their life as a couple was complicated. in yoga poses 1932, she wrote to Elsa Lindenberg that the new couple’s happiness was built on her tears. Annie preferred to return to Vienna, where she divorced Reich.135 Reich did not abandon his role as a father. He joined Annie to have “family” vacations.136

Otto Fenichel and Annie created lasting friendly and professional ties. This probably explains Wilhelm Reich’s growing hostility toward Fenichel. Fenichel wanted to remain on friendly terms with Annie and Elsa. I am convinced that this lasting friendship was something that Reich never accepted. He felt excluded from the “group” of which he was a part before betraying her so openly. It is bizarre that this possible cause of the conflict between the two friends is not mentioned in yoga poses the biographies of either Reich or Fenichel.

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