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Most Bhaktis did not deny the possibility of magical powers. They reconfigured the sign within their monotheistic sign system. The Bhaktis claimed that only they – by the grace of god – could be bestowed with magical power. However it was not their personal power – the power was an expression of god’s. So we witness here a typical struggle within a cultural field of who can enforce their categories, definitions and codes to become dominant. This ideological fight between holy specialists was reflected in much of the Bhakti and Sufi hagiographic literature emerging at that time. These hagiographies were full of anecdotes where holy men contested each other in the display and exercise of supernatural powers. The winners were of course always the Bhaktis and the Sufis displaying the power of god, while the vain jogi in the end had to admit defeat and convert to god (Ernst 2005, Burchett 2012). The very existence of such anecdotes about power struggles demonstrates that the underlying discourse of supernatural powers was still valid in the wider population.

Some of the Sufi orders became very interested in the Nath jogis who they found were somewhat similar to themselves. Both groups were strongly committed to a life as holy men and shared interests in similar psycho-physical ideas. The Sufis admired the jogis techniques and skills. So some Sufis and some Indian holy men often interacted peacefully and openly. Even if the cultural field of liberation could be cutthroat competitive, this shows us that there also could be constructive dialogue and cooperation.

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