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The last question is critical, because it puts a question mark against a narrative which is endlessly repeated in modernist yoga discourse and among the Brahmins themselves. It is the narrative about the wisdom of meditative sages’. The core of the narrative is the storyline that ancient sages in deep meditation made the discoveries reported in the Upanishads . This is the basic message brought to full fruition in the Maitri. In yoga gyms, in DVDs, and in scholarly and popular books the audience is assured that the discourse of liberation and all its related experiences are not speculative constructions, but based on experimental situations. The cluster of notions surrounding moksha, is, we are assured, based on experience -mystical experience’ – gained during deep meditative trance. However a modern thinker has to ask how can mortified minds or dead people report their experiences, when their condition is defined as a situation where no experiencing is possible?

Is there a yoga doctrine in the Upanishads?

Many notions which would later become central to yoga, were mentioned in texts preceding the three Upanishads that mentioned yoga. So does that not indicate that Brahmin yoga discourse might be much older? Following structuralism188 and system theory the mention of a notion should not lead to the conclusion that the doctrine – which gives the notions meaning – is in place! Even if for instance Galileo or Newton used the notion atom’, this does not imply that there was an atomic theory/doctrine at that point in time. According to many historians the British chemist John Dalton A New System of Chemical Philosophy (1808), first used the notion of an atom’ as a constituent part of mutual defining notions, so we can say we have an example of a doctrine of atoms. That is, we need a whole’ – an interacting sign system – which defines the parts’ before we can talk about a doctrine.

Case 4 Muira Puama for Loss of Sexual Desire George, Marichyasana III Yoga Pose a successful 62-year-old businessman, was married to a woman who was 25 Marichyasana III Yoga Pose years younger. While taking an SSRI for depression, his libido and erectile function declined. George’s wife became dissatisfied with their sex life, which had been very active. During his first visit, he decided to try muira puama. One month later he returned to report that his libido was much improved, but he had developed some blood in his urine. When asked about his sexual activity, he said that he and his wife were having intercourse seven days a week. While this was a welcome change, the frequent intercourse was causing some urethral irritation and blood in the urine. The patient was advised to reduce his sexual activity to three or four times a week.

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