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However we have also seen how the rural part of the cultural field of liberation was revitalised for a period by the diaspora of the urban intelligentsia to the countryside as the Muslim invaders settled. We saw how this conditioned the materialisation of hatha-yoga, an entirely alien sign system within the field of liberation.

After hatha-yoga’s compilation and systematisation in rural strata, it reverberated through the following centuries via elite religious fields of salvation until it slowly faded out. Neither the rural nor the urban elite segments of the fields of liberation and salvation contained the resources and dynamics to refine their theoria and praxis. It all became a question of including and linking the hatha-yoga totem with theological and ideological positioning.

This is the subject of the rest of the chapter. First a short look at the rural Nath jogis, to whom the Kanphata hatha-yogis belonged. It was this rural stratum with the power to turn hatha-yoga into a part of a textual canon that became recognised as such by the rest of society.

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