Marichi Asana C Twist Hands on Assist

Welcome to the road yoga everyone today we’ll look at marici us and a seed the twist and how to give hands-on assist in it Thanks linear time thanks for joining and helping us demonstrate so then the others gonna come right into the pose and as she is going since I’m on decide we’re going to do a double assist I’m going to help it tiny bit. So that then the other gets as complete as possible towards the armpit she’s working on her mind she’s got a pretty deep hose already Katya is both lengthening pressing up and shifting a little bit of Daniela’s wake one at the same time her other hand is opening her shoulder technically she would sit right here. But we wanted to see sure sooo sitting a little bit away now then the other can go even a little deeper, if her elbow will go in so cut is using her forearm and pressing. And you can see how Daniela has just gotten like you inches further deep she’s both tall and twisted and that’s what we want we want to always lengthen usually with an inhale. And then deep in with an exhale that looks awesome girls thank you come on good let’s release post de thanks both thank you all for reading namaste.

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Meditation Made Fun Sitting Tips

Welcome to the ruined Yoko sitting is not always an easy task though in reality it’s so simple we just sit down and listen to our breath and that’s it we just need and yet at the same time many of us when we sit we really try hard to find that clarity of mind to find that piece to find that space may be a place where their thoughts are not so strong so taking over I want to encourage you to try and take your sits a little more likely it does not mean you don’t sit it does not mean you don’t have the most the greatest intention to be present and focus with your city it just means that your sip becomes more like a release a place of refuge where you can come down sit down maybe you start with one big exhale you let everything drop.

And then with the inhale some energy comes in and as you sit there sits of lightness coming in not of struggle not of trying hard a rather of allowing of letting it be of being in a place of calm not trying to calm down of being relaxed and not trying to relax it’s a practice of surrender so remember meditation can be a happy place does not need to be a place of struggle thank you you.

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