Marichi Asana C Ashtanga Vinyasa Twist

Welcome back to the Rhode yoga I want to talk about some twists today we’ll start with the marici asin a see the twist for the sage marici I’ll show at this side I have my right leg straight pas de banda towards me activating the inner arch my right leg is working left. But about a hands distance between my left foot in my right leg the knee is up, if it’s hard you can take it a little further away, if it’s easy bring it a little closer to the hip, if it’s hard for you to straighten up. And you’re sitting in slump a sauna then sit on a blog sit on a blanket elevate your hips I’m going to lift up tall.

Marichi Asana C Ashtanga Vinyasa Twist Photo Gallery

And as I lift up I’m going to begin my twist a few variations the easier one is to hug the left thigh with the right hand. And just kind of twist here as I twist I’m going to use my inhale to lengthen exhale to twist taking my gaze back with me left hand, if it’s far back work on bring it a little closer. So It helps extend the spine, if the ear is close to the ear, if that shoulder is close to the ear bend the elbow a little bit and move it this variation 2 I’m going to suck a bit my belly in.

And then I’m going to go across taking my upper arm to the outside of the leg, if possible I’m going to try and talk as close as possible to my armpit activating my right leg variation to the so called propos with a bind not a must doesn’t make you any better but, if you want to. And you want to practice it my right arm is going to do almost like a swimmer like the stroke of freestyle. And then I’m going to bend at the elbow take it back behind me let’s the left arm I’m using my Bundys my belly is lifted my right leg is strong lifting tall. And then twisting back the gays helps me my Drishti helps me take the shoulder a little further back my inhale is tall lengthening my ex hair like surrender I released by bringing the left hand down releasing the other leg. And then taking the other side I’ll do the other side just for a moment. So you see the bind.

But you won’t see my face. But I’m still here lengthening wish me fucking their season as possible towards the armpit yarn goes inclines the right arms lift oh my divine bunching up to the microphone and thank you all have fun.

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