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The Golden Age of Hinduism

From about 300-500 AD the Magadha based Gupta Empire ruled over large parts of India once more managing to break out of the Northern Indian region. Again the success was due to organisational centralism.

This era of about 800 years, beginning with the Maurya Empire (320 BC) followed by fragmented and regional limited kingdoms and dynasties and ending with the breakdown of the Gupta Empire (520 AD), is today often named the Golden Age of Hinduism or Classical/Puranic Hinduism. Trade, craft, finance and towns expanded. Axial Age culture and science blossomed. Huge universities attracted thousands of students.

Although the role of foods or additives in causing behavioral disorders Low Plank Yoga Posein children, particularly ADHD, has been controversial, some acceptable scientific evidence supports the use Low Plank Yoga Poseof dietary elimination strategies in subgroups, such as those with specific food allergies. The typical responder a minority of ADD children is a preschooler with insomnia, irritability, atopy allergic tendencies, physical symptoms, behavioral problems, and sometimes high copper levels. Few families are able to maintain the limited diet. Eliminating the more suspicious items artificial food colorings, benzoate preservatives, sugars, and artificial sweeteners may help in about 50% of children. A DBRPC double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of 277 children found a general adverse effect of artificial food coloring and benzoate preservatives on hyperactive behavior in three-year-old children. However, this effect was detectable by parents, but not by a simple clinic assessment Bateman, Warner, Hutchinson, Dean, Rowlandson et al., 2004. Methodological problems and investigator bias in sugar elimination studies have left this issue unresolved Kidd, 2000.

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