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History of militant sadhus

As Europeans began to trade and travel in India they wrote about a continent which was militarised into its rural fibres. This is confirmed by Muslim sources. Travellers reported that they had to travel in small caravans, which hired 20-30 armed guards to protect them. As they travelled the countryside, they met everywhere peasants who even while cultivating their land were heavily armed. Many villages could in no time muster a significant army with all kinds of sophisticated weaponry. Often groups of farmers trained and exercised for warfare.

Many if not most of the reports – European and Muslim – are from the Mughal period, so it is not clear how far back in time this militancy reached. But the itinerant holy men – now often called jogis and fakirs – wandering in such violent surroundings must have adapted to these circumstances in some way. Let us investigate this a bit further.

Protects against amyloid toxicity Caraci, Chisari, Frasca, Canonico Low Lunge, Crescent Yoga Pose , Battaglia et al., 2005, and increases antioxidant defense enzymes reduced by haloperidol Vairetti, Low Lunge, Crescent Yoga Pose Ferrigno, Canonico, Battaglia, Berte et al. Human data showed that nicergoline improves cognitive function by 15% under hypoxic conditions compared to placebo Saletu, Grunberger, Linzmayer, & Anderer, 1990. Nicergoline 60 mg/day was compared to placebo in a six-week double-blind parallel group study of 56 patients with multi-infarct dementia and 56 patients with Alzheimer’s. In both groups, nicergoline significantly improved cognitive measures and vigilance on EEG mapping. Adverse effects of nicergoline include hot flushes, malaise, agitation, hyperacidity, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, somnolence, and enhancement of the cardiac depressant action of propranolol. COGNITIVE ENHANCING HORMONES A decline in certain hormones, dehydroepiandrosterone and melatonin, has been associated with changes in memory, mood, cognition, and brain activiation. Supplementation may provide improved neuroprotection and brain function.

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