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A jnana-yoga – Buddhist or Brahmin?

The many stories of the YS clearly express what in the West is called philosophical idealism ‘ (Wikipedia link) . In philosophy, idealism is, according to Wikipedia, the group of philosophies which assert that reality, or reality as we can know it, is fundamentally mental, mentally constructed, or otherwise immaterial. Hence in the YV the reader is shown, in story after story, how we are all supposedly living in a dream reality. It is often called maya (illusion). The act of waking up from maya, realising that our experiences – our pleasures and pains – are all a function of our consciousness has a liberating effect. This insight and realisation of maya is in the YV a Gnostic event, like solving a puzzle or enigma. Suddenly the pieces fall into place.

It is important to realise that this style of liberation is not achieved in deep absorption, as we saw in the Upanishads and the Yoga Sutra. The many stories do not exemplify mystical realisation . Instead the liberation sign, promoted in the stories of the YV, is very resonant with the one endorsed by some Buddhist schools: liberation as a final intellectual insight happening in this life, metaphorically a quantum jump in consciousness.

No effects were seen acutely and maximal effects were found at Loving Your Enemies Meditation12-week testing; Stough, Lloyd, Clarke, Downey, Hutchison et al., Loving Your Enemies Meditation2001. Another DBRPC study of 76 healthy adults 40-65 years of age found that after three months, subjects on bacopa showed increased retention of new information compared with those on placebo. Six weeks after discontinuation, those who had been on Bacopa showed a decreased rate of forgetting compared with the placebo group Roodenrys, Booth, Bulzomi, Phipps, Micallef et al. Similar to ginseng and R. rosea, Bacopa not only shows cognitive enhancing effects, but also antistress or adaptogenic effects Chowdhuri, Parmar, Kakkar, Shukla, Seth et al., 2002; Dorababu, Prabha, Priyambada, Agrawal, Aryya et al., 2004; Rai, Bhatia, Palit, Pal, Singh et al.

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