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This chapter gives an outline of the sociology of conflict, which is the methodology underling the analysis of the book. In addition to this there is a short introduction to Critical Discourse Analysis as I find there is often little hands-on familiarity with this methodology. Discourse analysis is, for me, tightly interwoven with conflict sociology – it links the history of ideas neatly together with sociology and society. Finally, there is a short sketch of my understanding of a Psychology of Consciousness. I find that we need an alternative view of consciousness to hold up and compare and contrast with the religious explanations  we typically encounter in the yoga discourse, when the sacred and mystical experiences of yoga are clarified.

Compared to the placebo group, those given n-3 Lord of the Dance Yoga Pose PUFAS had significant progressive decline in anxiety scores for three months p = 0. Preliminary studies Lord of the Dance Yoga Pose have also shown that omega-3FAs can reduce stress-related aggression in young and old adults as well as women with borderline personality disorder Bourre, 2005a. One DBRPC crossover trial of EPA alone in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder on SSRIs found no effect on Flamilton anxiety or depression scales Fux, Benjamin, & Nemets, 2004. While this study did not find EPA to be effective against obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is possible that a combination of EPA and DFIA might have been better, particularly in view of the studies described above. Clinical Considerations in Using Herbs for Anxiety and Insomnia Flerbs are most useful in patients who: Flave mild to moderate anxiety or insomnia Are at risk for addiction or abuse Flabituate to anxiolytics such as benzodiazepines Are sensitive to prescription medication side effects such as excess sedation or cognitive interference e.g., children and geriatric patients Require maximal alertness the next day Flave shown adverse reactions to sedative/hypnotic medications e.g.

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