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Mind-body practices such as yoga breathing combined with yoga Little Thunderbolt Yoga Pose postures and relaxation have the potential to calm the mind and improve mental focus. Such practices Little Thunderbolt Yoga Pose are also associated with increased PNS activity and autonomic balance see Chapter 3. In a pilot study of 19 boys with hyperactive-impulsive ADHD, ages 8-13, a program of yoga postures, yoga breathing, and relaxation led to significant improvements on standardized ADHD tests such as the Conners.

The degree of improvement correlated with the number of yoga sessions attended and with the amount of home practice each student performed Jensen & Kenny, 2004. Nineteen children with ADHD were randomized to a yoga program or conventional motor exercises. For all outcome measures, including scores of attention and parent ratings of ADHD symptoms, the yoga training was superior, with a medium-to-high-range effect size 0.60-0.97; Haffner, Roos, Goldstein, Parzer, & Resch, 2006.

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