List of Carbs in Vegetables and Printable Chart

List of Carbs in Vegetables and Printable Chart


“Carbs” is the family name for sugars, starches, and fiber.

Once we chew up or drink food containing carbs, our body immediately starts breaking them down into their basic building blockglucoseand uses glucose for energy.

Carbs make natural appearances in everything from apples to whole grains to broccoli to milk. But carbohydrates are also added to some of the foods we eat and drink; white sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, and corn syrup are all carbs commonly used to sweeten food. These carbs are simple sugars. They’re quickly changed to glucose, giving you a fast burst of energy.

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Carbs in certain other foodsblack beans, for exampleare broken down into glucose more gradually, giving you energy over a longer period of time.

Foods high in added sugar, like soft drinks, do provide quick energy but this energy doesn’t lastand often these high-sugar foods don’t contain other macronutrients or vitamin and mineral perks. It’s good to spread your carbs around and get them from different sourcesfruit, vegetables, beans, whole grains, milkand limit carbs from added sugar.


A glass of 1 percent low-fat or skim milk contains about the same amount of potential energy (calories) as a glass of soda. Both contain carbs. But 1 percent low-fat or skim milk has protein, a little fat, vitamins, and minerals along with the carbs.

Does soda? No! Drinking soda occasionally is okay, but routinely substituting soda for 1 percent low-fat or skim milk or water isn’t the way to go.

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