Lions Breath Yoga

Swinging and circling over the feet:

Circle and swing over the feet that are somewhat apart, balance the centre of gravity of the body, imagine the head is balanced on the spine like e.g. at the circus where plates are juggled on a stick.

Displacement of the centre of gravity of the body:

Displace the centre of gravity of the body to the front limit of the supporting surface, i.e. as far forwards as possible towards the toes (the toes thereby claw themselves into the floor), then towards the back (stretch the toes, but keep the feet completely on the floor), and then seek your balance again in the centre. Now try and feel your breathing stimulation.

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Displace the centre of gravity of the body towards the right and left alternately:

Whilst taking up a good standing position displace your body weight alternately to the right and the left, sole of the foot. The body should be stretched throughout up to the head from the burdened foot.

Through this it comes to stimulation of the breathing on the respectively stretched side of the body. Try and experience this.

Light alternate lifting of the right and left, foot:

Exercise as before, then slowly lift the unburdened foot somewhat to check whether you are really burdening on one side only.

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