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It is, therefore, unlikely that the amount of SAMe Legs Up the Wall Yoga Pose passed to breast-feeding infants would be harmful. Mind-Body Approaches for Anxiety Disorders Legs Up the Wall Yoga Pose , Stress, and PTSD Anxiety and stress during pregnancy can adversely affect pregnancy outcomes, resulting in problems such as low birth weight and prematurity. The prevalence rate for anxiety and depression during pregnancy is estimated to be 30%. Mind-body techniques offer safer alternatives to the risks of adverse effects from psychotropics. In a randomized controlled trial of 110 primigravid women, the addition of seven weeks of applied relaxation training to standard prenatal care significantly reduced state-trait anxiety Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and perceived stress Cohen Perceived Stress Scale Bastani, Hidarnia, Kazemnejad, Vafaei, & Kashanian, 2005.

The training included progressive relaxation, release-only relaxation without tensing muscle groups, deep breathing techniques, an exercise focused on breathing with self-instruction to relax just before exhalation, differential relaxation selective relaxation of different body parts, rapid relaxation, and instruction on anxiety, stress, and relaxation during pregnancy. The following case illustrates the use of several mind-body techniques to treat PTSD in the second trimester of pregnancy. Case 1 PTSD During Pregnancy Laura, a 32-year-old elementary school teacher, was five months pregnant with her second child when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident.

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