Leg Exercises Pregnancy

Leg Exercises Pregnancy

Another step the soul can take is to regulate the ‘diet’ of the mind. The type of reading matter, the type of conversations it normally engages in can be adjusted so that the quality and tone of thoughtforms entering the mental field are raised. By inner and outer direction then the soul seeks to purify the mental field so that it is able to hold more effectively and intelligently the soul’s purpose.

The serpent of doubt is fed by the materialistic thoughtform which runs as follows:

‘We are primarily physical beings who may or may not have a spiritual dimension but our chief concern is the survival of the form.’

This thoughtform is still by and large in control of the planet in its outer manifestation. Its counter is contained in the words of Teilhard de Chardin:

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Everyone knows I’m not fine, but I will be damned if I admit it out loud.

At moments like this, my partner likes to remind me, “Hey, you’re a meditation teacher. You teach people how to relax.” To which I either a) roll my eyes, or b) smile sweetly and say “I’m also human.”

I’ll tell you another secret: he is right. (Hopefully he will never read this.)

It is one thing to use my mindfulness practice in the best of times, and quite another to use it in the worst of times. What I really should do in moments of crabbiness is go into a room, close the door, and practice the breath of joy.

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