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Namaskar I am david at and welcome to Anand over power yoga sequences Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total fitness of your body power yoga sequences is an important part of power yoga yo we just flow from one Arsene into other with ease just by doing few sequences you can have a complete body workout sequence 3 this sequence has some wonderful our sins which will help you to improve the flexibility of your back. And your legs. And it also includes an inverted position it should help you to improve the blood supply towards your upper body mainly your brain you’re starting with the pershing Thomason position keep the palms on your thighs take a deep breath in exhaling stretch yourself forward why they catch the feet or the tools and drop the head down enjoy this wonderful Arsene wherein you’re getting the stretch for your car and swing back maintained with normal breathing made in four three four breaths or even more.

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And then slowly inhale come back and slowly lie on your back. And then start taking both the legs up and go to the holliston position in this again the whole back is getting the stretch the lower back the middle back the upper back the chin comes closer to the chest. And the thyroid gland is getting activated from here take the hands and rest it on your back and slowly start taking the legs up. And we breathe kearney mudra and inverted position helping you to take the blood supply towards your upper body especially the brain maintain here for few breaths from your again slowly drop the legs down. And come back to the holocene relax the hands. And now have some distance in your feet and bend the bend both legs and bring the knees closer to the years and extend yourself forward.

And you’re catching the yours we ain’t maintained over here for some time then slowly release the hands take them behind in the legs force in holliston and start coming back and lie down on your back we are done three intense forward bending our sins possum tonnison d hollow sun. And the corona pedersen now you’re doing a wonderful backward bending the chakra son bend the legs some distance in your feet in your knees take the hands in such a way there by the side of your shoulders fingers pointing towards your side now with the support of the feet first just raise the buttocks up. And now support the hands and stretch up and have this wonderful backward Bend the cha crossin effect on your back on your abs on your legs when Dean with the breathing normal. And when you feel like coming out slowly first rest the shoulders then the lower back answer it in the back. And just lie down and show us on relaxed pose. And just feel the effect of these sequences these are sins on your entire body.

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