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‘My weekly yoga class is my escape from my ever-growing to-do list’

Laura-Kim Le Roux, 40, lives in Pretoria with her husband David and four children: Cameron, 15, Kiara, 13, Jack, six and Emma, four. She runs an online digital marketing agency from home and ofers a place of safety for orphaned children. As a work-from-home mother of four, my mornings tend to be a frenzied rush of work commitments and then, at 1pm, I hop in the car and head of to diferent schools – picking-up, dropping of and sitting in on extra murals. We’re usually home by 5:30pm and that’s when I switch my phone to silent and place it in another room. Social media is such a big part of my job that I can easily be distracted by trending news or incoming notifications, and I try to be present in the moment with the kids. The rest of the evening is usually spent having dinner, reading bedtime stories and putting the younger children to bed, then it’s a quick regroup with David before we settle down for the night after 9pm.

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Because there’s almost never a moment of peace during the day, I’ve started waking up at 4am while everyone’s still asleep to enjoy a cup of tea and meditate, catch up on my favourite series, or respond to emails. It’s those moments of calm that prepare me for the day that lies ahead and I’m so grateful for it, but with a daily to-do list as long as my arm it’s often not enough to carry me through the entire week. I tried out a beginner’s yoga class at the gym, and when the instructor told us to quiet our minds and just lie on our backs for the last few minutes of the class, I had an epiphany: I could actually switch of and experience a moment of pure relaxation in the middle of a busy week. I hadn’t realised before then that an exercise class could be more than just a physical way to destress; it could be a mental wind-down as well. I couldn’t believe how easy yoga made it for me to step away from my ever-growing to-do list. Since that day almost 10 years ago, I’ve only missed a handful of classes. David and the kids know how important my weekly yoga session is to me and they’ve seen the positive results of it first-hand. As much as I love my family and appreciate being able to spend time with them every day, I look forward to the quietness and solace of the yoga studio. It gives me the time I need to switch of from everything and, without it, I would probably burn out or go about my day a very grumpy woman.

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