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Larson (2008) agrees that YS is a Neo-Samkhya text, conceived to contribute to Samkhya philosophy. He suggests however that the YS simultaneously established yoga as an independent philosophy. Following Larson's argument we are talking about a yoga philosophy not rooted in a practical yoga milieu and which probably never generated its own practical schools. Instead with the YS we are left with a yoga philosophy which only figured in the debates of theologians and intellectuals.

Later on the YS was imported into Brahmin mainstream as it was incorporated as one of the six philosophical systems.

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But it never functioned well with non-dual philosophy and Advaita Vedanta. It had become a hostage in their ideological manoeuvrings. Further there are no signs that the YS gained any practical function for a living Brahmin meditative movement. Everybody knew about it – like everybody today has heard of Einstein's relativity theory – but that was probably all. The situation was as when we today buy a prestigious book but never read it, and still keep it on the bookshelf because it leaves a learned impression.

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