Know Your Yoga Purpose

What has drawn you to yoga? What do you hope to obtain from yoga? Is taking a yoga class your idea that your expectations are different from those held by most others in your class, you should be willing to discuss your expectations with your yoga teacher. Express your expectations, so your yoga teacher can work with some of your needs in class.

Do You Have Special Concerns?

If you have a sports injury, back pain, chronic pain, or have special health concerns, you might consider a more therapeutic or meditative yoga class in lieu of a more physical yoga class.

Maybe you don’t exercise regularly or are not in good physical shape but still want to take yoga. Start with a very gentle, beginning class. If you are currently under a physician’s care, have high blood pressure or arthritis, or recently had surgery, check with your doctor before embarking on a yoga routine. Always let your yoga instructor know if you have a health problem or a health concern.

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