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HYP is a long and detailed text satiated with instructions. It is easily read and is typical for its genre. It is full of inconsistencies and there is almost no argument supporting its postulates. After reading it, a modern student would have very little idea about what to do or how to combine and prioritise these techniques.

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The purpose of the text was clearly not to educate or replace oral training. It is better compared to a marketing pamphlet. One is just assured over and over that by doing this or that technique, perfection' will be achieved.

This text is no analytical textbook and manual for practice.

However, many modern readers treat it as a textbook trying to define a consistent hatha-yoga doctrine. Despite its problems, the HYP was often quoted and extracted from as it became incorporated into various sectarian worlds.

Early studies of racetams in dyslexic children showed mixed results, King Pigeon Yoga Pose probably due to heterogeneity of subjects, use of low doses, and inadequate duration of trials King Pigeon Yoga Pose. A DBRPC multicenter study of 225 dyslexic children ages 7-12 years using piracetam 3,600 mg/day demonstrated significant improvements in reading ability and comprehension evident at 12 weeks and sustained for the 36 weeks of the trial Wilsher, Bennett, Chase, Conners, DiIanni, et al.

Piracetam was well tolerated with no adverse effects. In clinical practice, the authors find aniracetam 750 mg b.i.d. To be more effective and well tolerated.

MIND-BODY PRACTICES FOR ADHD AND LEARNING DISABILITIES Yoga education is being introduced into schools to help children learn how to calm down, focus their minds, and improve body awareness, balance, and flexibility.

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