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In a society penetrated by what should strictly be termed cosmological-monotheism the belief in a cosmic, powerful and ultimate god-principle behind a polytheistic god world – the yoga discourse slowly but surely became submerged in institutions of worship. M As a Way of Salvation yoga was often seen to enable the individual to achieve union with god – often due to the grace of god. The yoga discourse and the Brahmins became deeply enveloped in this cosmological-monotheistic discourse. In this period we find yoga discourses clearly and deliberately focussing on the symbolic meaning of yoga.

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The Mahabharata and the Puranas were obsessed with the magical powers of the yogi. And in the Brahmin Dharma genre – describing cosmic rules and regulations – yoga became enveloped in Brahmin caste discourse of purity.

The analysis of the Mahabharata is central to this chapter. Yoga here has various meanings and descriptions – some related to the early yoga discussed. Other parts are related to monotheism. In this period yoga has a much wider meaning than in the Upanishads. Yoga now broadly means discipline ‘ or spiritual practice  – any systematic and disciplined effort leading to a range of goals: caste purity, salvation or the ability to realise a universal god.

It is also in this period that Patanjali's Yoga Sutra emerges. I have placed the Yoga Sutra in a separate chapter, as it is such a crucial text.

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